The Association is a professional association established in 1934 for persons and companies involved in the fields of finance and credit within Australia. It is recognised as one of the industry’s specialist representative bodies on matters related to finance and credit management and was created to promote professional unity amongst its Members.

At all times the Association demands the highest standards from the Board and Members, to uphold the goodwill, traditions, laws and conduct of its industries and Association.

The Association’s vision is:

  • to be a stable, advanced and informative association that is inclusive with its Members;
  • to be an association which produces up to date information and support in the areas of legislation and compliance, aimed at improving its’ Members knowledge and strength by unity;
  • to be an association that does not seek notoriety; and
  • that through its actions, participation, policies, direction and attention to detail, it will further grow to be a respected association, offering members support and capable of engaging in meaningful communications with government legislators by raising its level of awareness.
The Association aims to objectively educate, train and inform its Members in matters of compliance, training and law and to make available communication and networking with other like associations to better the outcomes of all Members and the finance industry.

With the ever-changing landscape of legislation and legislators, the Association seeks to enhance its Members’ position and add value to its membership by promoting the true values of the Association:

  • to service the needs of Members;
  • to always hold true to the Association’s values and maintain integrity;
  • to always engage in honest, true and willing discussion;
  • to hold true the fundamental values of its forefathers;
  • to assist Members to be compliant and good citizens of the industry;
  • to assist Members in building healthy and profitable businesses; and
  • to engage members by sharing information, training and guidance.